Rhonda Hampton Hudson MSN/MEd, RN

Rhonda Hudson - Rhonda Hampton Hudson MSN/MEd, RN

Rhonda Hampton Hudson MSN/MEd, RN

Rhonda Hampton Hudson is the CEO and founder of The Health and Wellness Connection; a consortium of wellness coaching, medical and mental health consulting, and restorative practices. While her service is centered on promoting the health and wellbeing of those who serve as well as those who support, she is steadfast in her commitment to promote advocacy and community partnerships that focuses on sustainment, reintegration, and resiliency.

A retired US Navy Nurse Corps veteran, she has a rich history of accomplishments and accolades. Her 20-year professional vignette of service as a Navy Nurse has been in-depth and fulfilling to include serving onboard the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship as an Operation Room/OR & Trauma nurse to underserved populations. She served as a Trauma & Triage Trainer to Afghan nationals  as well as an Expeditionary Medicine Combat Advisor to Coalition Forces.  Rhonda credits her clinical expertise to military medicine acquired from supporting several joint task contingency operations, humanitarian missions and contributory support to military treatment facilities worldwide.  All of which helped to drive her vision of preserving welfare, building partnerships and alliances for better healthcare provisions and healthy practices.

To keep current and abreast of new innovations in healthcare, she volunteers to speak and facilitate for several agencies such as the American Red Cross - Service to Armed Forces, the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, and the National Alliance for Mental Illness.  Educational accolades include a bachelor’s and Master’s in Nursing, a Master’s in Education & Instructional Technology and board certifications from the National Board of Health & Wellness and the International Coaching Federation-ICF.    She also holds a specialty in Psych/Mental Health Nursing and Integrative Practice.

Rhonda Hudson is a Professor and Clinical Education Practitioner with the University of Texas at Arlington and UT Southwestern Medical School & Center.

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Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas, United States